Wednesday, March 29, 2017

iPhone Repair shops look forward to the iPhone 8

iPhone Repair Shops looking forward to the iPhone 8 in 2017

iPhone Repair Shops across the USA, UK, and Europe are looking forward to the iPhone 8.  The newest member of the iPhone family, expected to be launched with much fanfare to coincide with the 10th Anniversary is expected have many new iPhone features.  And as with any new launch of an iPhone, iPhone repair shops always wonder if this will change the repairability of the iPhone.

iPhone repair has grown to be a massive global industry.  Companies like RepairZoom in the USA and iCorrect in the UK are helping fix cracked iPhone screens every day.  And repair shops have been hard at work for the over 9 years while the iPhones have been in the market.  Quality iPhone Repair requires having the access to the knowledge, skills, and quality repair parts needed to succeed.  And it takes hard work and ambition in a competitive industry.

So what about the pending release of the iPhone 8?  Will it be as easy to repair as previous versions of the iPhone.  Will Apple make it easy for independent repair shops to compete with them in the USA, and globally (where Apple does not have the same reach with their own retail stores)?  Say you're an iPhone 8 owner in a mid-sized city in India - where do you take your cracked iPhone screen for repair when there is no Apple Store in your community?

How Fixable will future iPhone 8 be?

Potential Design of iPhone 8

There is a bit of a quandary faced by Apple when they decide how fixable to make their devices.  If they make it so that only Apple Stores and technicians themselves can fix a cracked iPhone screen, what will a rural or international customer do to fix their device?  Interesting questions, right?

First off, of course, Apple hopes to make iPhones less breakable in the future.  And most agree that eventually materials-science advances will improve the iPhone screen such that it really is much less breakable.  But what about the iPhone 8, is it that "unbreakable iPhone" we have all been expecting, or are we waiting for a future release still down the road?

As far as designs for the new iPhone 8, it seems clear that there will be an OLED type iPhone screen which has curves on the edges.  And the device will have all the latest radio technology - from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE technologies that are faster and better tuned to use less power from the battery.  From a charger standpoint, many rumors think Apple may abandon their proprietary "lighting" technology for the thinner and industry standard USB-C charging port.

Until we know exactly what Apple will release, repair shops across the globe will have some apprehension about the iPhone 8.  It could make-or-break the future of the independent iPhone Repair Shops around the world.

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